anyone ask for your copay back when you have to skip a treatment?

I have a random question. Last week, my mom was supposed to get her 7th treatment of FOLFOX but her platelets were too low. So we're going this week and everything should be ok this time. (keeping fingers crossed). My mom remembered she had paid a $15 copay last week upon arrival (but didn't get treatment), so when we go this week, would it be right to ask to not pay the copay since we paid last week? My mom's pretty adamant about this and I hate confrontations, but just wanted to see if anyone's done this before. Thanks.


  • John23
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    To co-pay or not to co-pay...
    (is that the question?)

    Actually, if she had the visit and talked to the physician, the charge
    would apply for that.. Or it does when I go the the doc's office...

    I would ask anyway, and see what they say, you have nothing
    to lose by asking. Fifteen bucks is fifteen bucks. That's fifteen
    McDoubles, or 9 McDoubles and 6 small fries... Gotta' love
    that dollar menu!

    Happy thoughts.