colorectal tumors on the liver..need advice

Seeking advice for my mother. Last year she was diagnosed with colon cancer with metasis (excuse spelling) on the liver. Doctors didn't think she would survive even with chemo but she is still here. She did 12 rounds of FOLFOX chemo and she had a clear PET scan in October but her last scan here last week shows that the tumors and returning on her liver, same ones. Nothing in any new areas.
She will be doing Avastin, 5-FU and camptosar. Doctor is supposed to test her tumor specimens for the KRAS mutation and from what I read more people have it then don't.
Her tumors are in multiple spots and in not all located close to each other. Has anyone ever been in this situation and had surgery to remove multiple lesions? I just wondered if it was ever done. Are there any doctors that specialize in this type of surgery?
Could anyone tell me where is the best place in PA or in the US for this cancer problem?
The good Lord got her this far, and frankly I just want to know about options. Any encouragement couldn't hurt either.
Thank you to all that have read this.


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    My liver resection

    I am sorry to hear that your mom was diagnoses with colon cancer. I was diagnosed with colon cancer with liver mets in November 2008. At the time of diagnosis I had 5 liver mets spread about my liver, the largest one being 5 cm. I did 4 Folfox treatments and had a scan where it was determined that there had been a 30-40 percent reduction in the mets. I was scheduled for a liver resection in February 2009. During my surgery I had about 40 percent of my liver removed. Additionally I had my colon resected and had an HAI pump implanted so that I could have adjuvant chemo directed right to my liver. So far so good, I have been in remission since surgery (2 years) and off all chemo since November 2009.

    I had read posts where people have stated that their liver mets are too widespread or too extensive. My impression is that a lot depends on the surgeon. One doctor did tell me that my liver was not operable and another doctor said he would do it. I am not familiar with doctors in PA although I have heard lots of good things about Fox Chase in Philadelphia. I go to MSK in NYC as do a number of others here on the board. I have read different studies that have indicated that even when one has a complete response to chemo (as your mom did) that there is an extremely high probability that the tumors will returns unless removed.

    If you want more information, please let me know.

    Best wishes to you and your family,
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    University of Pittsburgh's
    University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Cancer Center-David Bartlett (Surg Onc) and Nathan Bahary (Onc).
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    NJC said:

    University of Pittsburgh's
    University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Cancer Center-David Bartlett (Surg Onc) and Nathan Bahary (Onc).

    thank you
    Thank you for the names. Will have to figure out what has to be done. Thanks Amy for telling me your story.