5-Year Stage 1 Survivor

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Woo hoo! Five years ago today was my resection surgery for Stage 1 colon cancer. No sign of cancer since the surgery. I know that the 5-year survival rate is well over 90% for Stage 1, but for quite a while I kept thinking, "What's to say I won't be in the less than 10% that don't survive for 5 years?" Well, I wasn't. God had other plans for me, so I'm still around.


  • Buckwirth
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    Great news!
    Stage IV here hoping to be in the 10% bracket!
  • Jaylo969
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    Makes me happy
    Joy, your post made me happy. I am so glad that you are here as part of that 90%. Good going Joy!!!

    Best Wishes,
  • ron50
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    Congrats Joy
    Way to go.Get in early and beat the hell out of it.Cheers Ron.
  • johnnybegood
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    ron50 said:

    Congrats Joy
    Way to go.Get in early and beat the hell out of it.Cheers Ron.

    thats great
    and i love your picture.i always wanted to go to France.....Godbless....johnnybegood
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    Hi joy
    Iam so happy for you, my husband was also DX with stage 1 in 2009 but he was not in the 90%15 months later they discovered 1 met in his liver he since had liver surgery and he is on chemo right now and he went from stage1 to stage 4.hopping for the best.
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    Congratulations Joy
    That is fantastic news!
  • tootsie1
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    Joy, as a fellow stage 1 survivor, I'm so happy and proud!