Childhood Cervical cancer

My name is 16.I prefer becca.about 2 weeks ago I went to the gynocologist because I had a few bumps pop up on my vaginal area. He gave me a papsmere and told me it was probably just nothing to worry about and to just watch them.when my results came back, the office called and told to come down there asap.I honestly thought I had a disease or I had warts but nothing the doctor told me.he gave me the news I had pre cancer cells and I had to get the bumps burned off the upcoming week.during surgery he also scraped my cervics but he sent one of the blisters off to be he called my mom and gave us the news that it is cervical cancer and I have to go to the cancer clinic. tomorrows my birthday so great news right.I'm young and confused.this isn't going to br easy to go through I know but any details about treatment or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    You sound very mature Becca
    You sound very mature Becca and your asking the right questions. Depending on the stage of the cancer will determine your treatment plan. Write all your questions down to take to the doc appt. with you. Things can get very confusing and start moving fast and furious, so it's very easy to forget. Keep posting on how your doing.