Erbitux and Camptosar

My onc wants to start me on Erbitux/Camposar regiment as the tumor markers are jumping up now after 3.5 years of a camposar, avasin, leuc, 5fu (46 hour pump infusion). I know about the potential rashes, eyelashes growing. What about hair loss? She said the camposar will be given in a larger dose 1x per month as opposed to smaller doses 2x per month? I have been pretty lucky with the hair thing. It has thinned, I cut it short and can hide the balder spots. Wondering if its going to all fall out now.


  • tootsie1
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    Someone will know.
    I don't have the answers you seek, but I'm sure someone will chime in soon. I hope it all goes well for you.

  • AnneCan
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    Just started
    I just started erbitux + irinotecan last week. I am on a different regimen than you. Last week I had irinotecan + erbitux. They gave me a "loading dose " of erbitux over 2 hours, then 1 1/2 hours of irinotecan. Tomorrow I will just have a lower dose of erbitux. Then next week, both again. I have already lost most of my hair while I was on folfiri + avstin, but my hair has grown back pretty well. I guess we will see now with the new protocol. I have already started to get the rash - it is sort of like acne. Otherwise, I am feeling pretty darn good!