Types of Support for Ovarian Cancer

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Hi Ladies,

I have been researching and looking for varies types of support for medication, financial etc. and am not finding much luck. Are there programs out there supporting Ovarian Cancer? Most of what I came accross supported nearly everything but our's. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • kikz
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    I googled financial support for ovarian cancer patients
    and a whole list of links came up. A couple are:

    Financial Assistance for Cancer Care


    Ovarian Cancer: Prescription Drug Financial Assistance Programs

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    Jaime....many of the big
    Jaime....many of the big teaching hospitals have programs to help pay for all or part of treatments for uninsured women with OC. Someone on the board is/was getting free treatment from a branch of MD Anderson. (Help me out here, ladies. I can't remember who that was.)

    Also, most of the drug companies will provide the chemo drugs at no cost for people who cannot pay for their treatment.

    Is this the type of help you were looking for? If your question was related more to day-to-day expenses because you are unable to work, due to cancer and/or chemo, the best sources would be local. United Way is a good place to start for those. They maintain a roster of churches, agencies, etc who provide assistance in their immediate areas.