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Wow! Lots of new names and faces! I have not been on in awhile! Finally baby Reid got home from Children's hospital after almost 8 weeks (we have been watching his 22 month old sister 3-4 days a week). But Praise the Lord he is home! Today he is 2 months.

Let's see I can now get my senior citizen since last I was on! LOL! Jerry and I have been married 36 years now since last I was on. We will have another grandson by next Friday if not sooner!☺

I have completed my 8 treatments on this clinical trial and going for 4 more. My last 2 scans have shown no disease BUT Dr. Copeland from The James Center in Columbus, Ohio does "find" a tumor still in my Rectosigmoid colon about 1 cm. My last 3 CA125s have been "normal" (in the 20's).

There are way too many posts for me to even read! Way over 150 or even more I am sure. Just wanted to check in but don't even think anyone noticed I was "missing"! LOL

Take care lovely ladies and I will check in again sooner this time.

Living for Jesus,


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    I was thinking about you,
    I was thinking about you, dear Libby. For me, when people not post no more to often, mean they go on with theres life, get busy,living closer to normal life. Thanks for check in, now I know for sure you are "OK". God bless you and your family, hugs, Zina.
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    Hi Libby
    So wonderful to her from you. I am ecstatic that your grandson is doing so well...I am also thrilled that the doxil is working for you...please check in every once in awhile and keep us posted......Keep up the good fight!
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    Hi Libby!
    So good to hear from you, and so happy for you that your grandson is home.
    How are you? Are you in treatment?
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    kayandok said:

    Hi Libby!
    So good to hear from you, and so happy for you that your grandson is home.
    How are you? Are you in treatment?

    Missed you
    I have missed you it seems like Carlene is the only one from last year that comes in steadilly.
    Glad your grandson is home and ok.

    You were missed so please come back more often
    hugs Lynda
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    I love being a grandma
    what a beautifulbaby!! and another on the way, life is good. Glkad you are are back and feeling fine. Give the baby a kiss for me,...val
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    You were noticed missing! Wow, that clean scan is amazingly great news! What clinical trial was it. You are BRCA 1/2 positive, right?

    Glad to hear the baby is well!!!!
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    Hello Libby,
    I am so glad that you gave us a chance to get to know you. I am happy to hear that you are doing so well in every way! My name is Christine and I came to this forum in September when I was diagnosed with stage IV ovca. After surgery and six chemo treatments, my CT scan showed close to remission, but some small tumors. My doctors have recommended a break to watch and let my body rest until May 31st when I see the chemo doctor next. I wanted to let you know that I read your story and actually printed out your posting and comments for Psalm 139:13-16. Thank you, I plan to read it often. Christine