Nancy591 - hate to bother you but could I ask you something about your blood thinner injections

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Hi Nancy, first I saw your video and I thought it was beautiful. Your son was absolutely adorable. I'm not sure if you're up to it, but I need some help with the blood thinner injections and I know that you're currently getting them. Are you still on them? Do you black and blue after the injection? I seem to black and blue alot, in fact, the dr. passed a comment that my stomach area is getting too black and blue. I told the dr. what can I do, there's only so much on the stomach area that a person can give the injection in. I know you told me in the last posting that you give yourself the injection, did anyone teach you how to do the injection. How long are you going to be on the injections? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Hi, this obviously isn't
    Hi, this obviously isn't Nancy but I was on Lovenox injections for a month. What I did was slightly ice up the injection spot before and after the injection. I was also very careful not to rub the injection spot as that would cause more brusing. I also injected the needle quickly but plunged relatively slowly. Good luck!
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    sorry for the delayed response. I've been sick with a virus and trip to the ER...ugh. Thankfully everything was ok.

    I am an RN so I didn't need any training. I've been on blood thinner for several weeks now. Not sure how long I will be on it. I did get b&b when I injected into my thighs then I was told I should inject there but the insert on my medication said I could. Either way, I only inject into the abdomen and do not get b&b there at all. Do you feel a lump there as well? If you feel a lump I would put on a warm compress. Of course not after the injection but maybe the several hours after. Do you keep the skin gathered up as you are injecting? Did you ask if you could use the back of the arm or the thighs? Hope this helps.....