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Well i know I have not been on here for a long time. I have been busy. First is first I went last monday for what I thought was my last chemo treatment but the doc said no you have one more. I just wanted to cry. But whats one more. And I finally got insurance. I applied for Access Medicare) I call and the man was so mean to me. He told me I was not accepted and I started to cry and told him how I really needed insurance so I could get my chemo and he just kept blabbing saying how I did not get it. Then he asked me if I had any Medical bills and I told him I did and how much. He said he would talk to someone and call me back. Would'nt you know he called me 2 hours later and said he got me insurance they felt with my bills and medical condition I was medicall needy. (lol ya think) And he said how sorry he was for his attitude that they are swamped with work and not enough of workers. And he wants to try to get disablity for me. I am just happy I got insurance. And now I have home nurses that come to the house. They come in on mondays and hook me to my pump and wed unplug and thursday for the shot and monday just to check on me. They are going to do all my blood work for me also. Now I can let my poor dad rest,( he was the one who took me to all my appointments.) So on the 21 will be my last treatment.Yeah I made it.. I have a cat scan set up at the end on March. (praying for good new on that) I have been reading what everyone has been posting. And praying for you all. Cancer is really hard to deal with all around.


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    Sorry about the extra treatment but it makes it bittersweet..
    Glad to get it over with and yeah take a break...I always like the break after my treatment was over..I felt as if I had been let out of prison........I know its been rough on you and your dad but maybe just maybe you and dad both will get a lifetime reprieve from all of this.....buzz
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    So good to hear from you girl!!! Ya....one more to go..... sending ya good vibes for a clear perfect scan!!!!! Way to go...and keep going!!! You take care.

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    pretty much good news
    Hi Braelee,

    Well, one more treatment- you can do it! Yay for finally getting insurance and hopefully getting some more help too. Sorry the guy was so rude, but at least he apologized and seems to be helpful to you now.
    Best wishes and prayers for your upcoming scan- definitely remind us when the time gets closer of your actual scan date.

    We're due for lots of good news on this board, don't ya think?!

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    I know how you feel
    Hi braelee,

    I am finishing my chemo as well in exactly 4 weeks time. its such an amazing feeling, I feel so happy and positive. congratulations and goodluck with the scan.

  • I know how you feel
    Hi braelee,

    I am finishing my chemo as well in exactly 4 weeks time. its such an amazing feeling, I feel so happy and positive. congratulations and goodluck with the scan.


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    I Remember.....
    ...when you first started your treatments - "you've come a long way, baby!"

    Here's hoping that the scan is clear and I'm glad good fortune shined on you and you got insurance - I keep tellin' my wife, "a woman's tears..." they can do something to a person. I'm sure after he thought about it, he felt badly. The whole system is overloaded so you run into mean people sometimes, especially with insurance. I had a go with mine and they make it extra difficult.


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    so glad that you have insurance!
    The man you talked with is probably so unhappy with his life and his job that he takes it out on his clients! Just imagine telling people bad news all the time! Sorry that you had to go thru that bit of stress. Will be thinking of you at the end of the month and sending good positive thoughts for a clean scan.
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    So good to hear from you!

    Sorry about the "extra" treatment but, wow it will be over soon. I will say a prayer for your upcoming CT scan. Glad that you were able to get some insurance and hoping that your disability go through without too many hiccups. How exciting to be so close to done with the chemo!
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    I loved your post, I admit
    I loved your post, I admit at first I was upset with the insurance guy, but you touched his heart and something very special happen for him. And....something wonderful happened for you too!! Congrats on your last upcomming chemo and on the insurance and nurse visits.

    Love and hugs, Gail