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Are you still in touch with your family in Japan?

I see a news article that the US State Department is offering free flights out to those US citizens who wish to leave due to the rising radiation levels and potential with wind changes that it could impact southern Japan.

Praying for their safety, and all those impacted by these terrible events.

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    Thanks to AT&T who is giving 60 minutes free land line calls from the US to Japan (they are giving unlimited cell calling and texting but I have Sprint)so we tried to call today, and actually got through!!! YIPEE, we tried the first 3 days and there was no phone service, it is now up and sort of working, we got cut off and took an hour trying to get a hold of them again.
    They have a backpack each packed, wallet, purse and car keys by the door while they sleep and a car full of fuel in case of evacuation. They have food and water, and I was worried if they had money, but since he teaches at a school and they called a 4 week spring break he will be paid and have money.
    I'm worried about their reactor, Japan is less worried. They are 124 miles from it (I had my km and mileage mixed up earlier and thought they were 36 miles from it, I was freaking out)and are simply staying indoors. I think Japan is working hard on stopping the meltdown, the electric company is getting the electric back to the plant and when they succeed, they can start attempting to stop it from a complete meltdown.
    My thoughts are fly back home, get back here now!!! But his thoughts are, this is his wife who is Japanese and her extended family and you don't leave family, so they are staying put and positive.
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers from everyone.
    It is truly and gratefully appreciated!!!
    Winter Marie