Test Results

I am think of all of you who are waiting on test results. It's the very worst. I like everyone else don't understand why they take so long to get.

John, when do you get your results?

Beth thinking of you and sending lots of prayers your way.

And to everyone else, just hang in there. Thinking of you always.



  • allmost60
    allmost60 Member Posts: 3,178 Member
    Me too! I'll be checking in to see what all of you find out! Good luck and prayers to all!
    Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
  • COBRA666
    COBRA666 Member Posts: 2,401 Member
    Tomorrows results
    i go tomorrow afternoon for my pet scan results. Thanks for asking. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)