Need prayers, good vibes, vodoo, hodoo...



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    do something just for you
    this weekend. Lunch with a good friend, uplifiting movie, etc. Positive vibes coming your way this weekend and on Monday for the scan. Keeping it positive helps me through the anticipation!

    Thank you Shana
    Went to see a friend on Saturday for coffee was not in a mood for it. But I forced myself to go and glad I did. Uplifting moves, do horror movies count? lol

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    pepebcn said:

    You got everything from me, vibes , prayers and voodoo?
    you really want it as well?
    My prayers! dear Sonia!

    Hehe Pepe
    I was trying to accommodate all faiths ;-) Thank you for the prayers.

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    Love2Cats said:

    Congrats on the 2 year mark
    Sending my most powerful mojo your way. Please try not to stress over your mom's feelings, I am sure she is more concerned about your health and happiness, and the divorce is secondary to all of that. Do something nice for yourself this weekend to help take your mind off things :)


    Sandy thank you hugs
    if I pass this scan, then I will have hit the two year mark. And my mom passed away 4 years ago in August 10 days after I got married. :-( I was so close to her and I know she wanted the best for me. But you are right she would be more concerned for my health and happiness.
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    plh4gail said:

    Beautiful Sonia
    Aww have all the good stuff I can pull together and then some. You're going to have a great scan and have a wonderful day when Monday comes! Have a relaxing weekend and get out in the sunshine....enjoy the weekend my dear.

    Love and hugs, Gail

    Beautiful Gail :-)
    Thank you so much. The sun has been out today and I did manage to go shopping and to church.
    Hope you have had a good weekend my friend.

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    AnneCan said:

    I am throwing lots of good your way, even though I truly think all will be well for you. I don't think you let your Mum down, + as the Mom of two daughters I would never want either of them to be in a marriage that was not wonderful. I be your Mom would want only your happiness. I bet once this divorce is behind you, you will be able to look ahead to your future with great excitement. Sonia, I really believe there is a wonderful world awaiting you!

    You are so sweet, taking time out to reply to me as always. Your daughters are so lucky to have you as their mom. I really hope so about my future Anne hugss
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    Crow71 said:

    I got vodoo hodoo out the
    I got vodoo hodoo out the wazoo for you.

    Hehe thanks Roger
    Btw I love your profile picture.

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    Lori-S said:

    Sending out some prayers and good vibes for your scans and just for you. Congrats on getting to this 2 year mark! Scans only once a year is a lot less stress too.

    I remember my divorce 24 years ago. All my friends wanted to take me out to celebrate the day the decree was final but, I felt it was the biggest failure of my life and stayed home crying instead. To this day, I consider my divorce to be my biggest failure. The one thing in my life that I couldn't make work no matter what I tried. Of course I was much younger then with less experience and personal growth to put into it. Though it was a failure to me it was also a wonderful personal education about relationships but, especially about myself. I grew a lot from the experience. Hang in there and just feel all the feelings so you don't have to carry them with you. Try to look for the lessons learned and apply them to your life as you go forward. It will be ok even for your mum.


    Hugss, thank you for sharing about your divorce with me. I will try and learn from it, and apply them as I move on.
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    Prayers coming your way
    I think the scan will be clean and then you can put your mind at ease. I am sorry about the divorce sh*t, it will be good to get it finalized perhaps some closure can be found in that. It is hard not get stressed or feel depressed with the scan thing weighing on your mind and I know it is hard not having a mom there to talk to or lean on their shoulder, they always knew what to do to make it all better didn't they :(



    Hugs bud :-)
    Thank you for letting me ramble on yesterday. And your right about mom's, they always do know (or did in our case) to say the right things. And mom's are so wise, you wouldn't think it as you were growing up if they disagreed with your choice of bf etc. But they were always right, and still are to this day.
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    karguy said:

    Sending vibes,luck,wishes,and prayers.Your scan will be fine,your mother would want you to live your life well,and happy.

    Thank you soo much
    Hugs how are you? hope you are doing ok.
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    ok hun
    i'm sending right now best of luck hugs Tina
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    dorookie said:

    Be strong
    I will keep you in my prayers, be strong and keep the faith...


    Awww Beth
    thank you as always big hugss. Hope you and Wendy are well. And all your latest tests etc went well. Miss you on the board, same goes for you Karguy
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    ok hun
    i'm sending right now best of luck hugs Tina

    Thank you Tina
    Hugsss, need all I can get.
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    Praying for a great scan!

    Good luck on will be fine...don't think any other way. Saying prayers for you.

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    Sonia,you are in my
    Sonia,you are in my prayers.Hope for the cleanest scan for you.Take care.
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    Sonia,you are in my
    Sonia,you are in my prayers.Hope for the cleanest scan for you.Take care. know all will be ok.....
    It will be fine and all over in the morning...I will keep you in prayers for clear scan....Love to you
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    thoughts & Prayers
    My thoughts and Prayers will be with you tomorrow. Go in Positive! Take care. Margaret
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    lisa42 said:

    Hi Sonia,

    You know I'm praying for you! My scan is Thursday & who knows what that might show- I'd appreciate prayers too. I'm still working on the skype thing- maybe I can figure it out.
    We'll talk somehow!
    Your mum would want your happiness & I know you had a rough time when you were married. Allow yourself forgiveness- it's okay and you will move on in life. Don't be so hard on yourself, my friend.

    Hugs to you,

    Lisa my thoughts & Prayers
    Lisa,my thoughts & Prayers will be with you, too this week. Try to stay positive and take care. Margaret
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    Was just thinking
    I was just thinking that tomorrow is Monday and was your scan day, I just wanted to send you all the good vibes I can. I'm sure you'll find everything is fine.
    Winter Marie
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    You'll be FINE!!!
    I'm praying for you, Sonia! I just know you're going to be clear!