repeat abnormal pap smear

last year I was diagnosed with moderate vaginal dysplasia, I used efudex and it completley cleared up. I had a pap smear after my last colposcopy in September and everything came back clear. I just had my annual last week and the results of my pap came back as abnormal again? is this normal? after being all clear and having no problems in september it is suddenly abnormal again!I used efudex last time and it gave me a lot of side effects! I am not sure what the procedure is now, but I am due for another copolscopy next week any advice on if this is normal? my husband and I were trying for a baby after everything cleared up and now everything is on hold again! its such a nightmare!


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    If your dysplasia is caused
    If your dysplasia is caused by one of the HPV strains, it will always be in your system just lurking...waiting to show up again. It's more prevailent in times of illness or stress. Hope everything turns out well for you.