Crawling and itching skin

Hello Catherine, I have no idea where your post went, or my reply to your post.
Since I have had this problem before, I always copy my message.

Hi Catherine,

I am not sure if your problem is related to any treatmnet you might have had.

I used to get the very same thing, only once in awhile. I figured out what was causing this terrible feeling. Now, I purchase only 100% suprema cotton nightgowns, blouses, house dresses, beach cover-ups, etc. My blankets, and sheets are all 100% cotton, 400 count and above. I love quilts on my beds. All my quilts on all my beds are 100$ cotton cover and fill. You will note the less expensive quilts, have 100% cotton cover, but polyester fill. I hate polyester anything. Just saying the word makes me itch. The price of cotton will be increasing this year. I understand some of the manufacturers will be adding something else with the cotton to save money. Still, I am sure there will be better products, higher cost.

I know the cost is so much higher. For me, it's worth it. Everything lasts and looks so much better, even after years of wear.

Not sure if the above helps you. Good luck. I hope you feel so much better.

Love Maggie


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    I found my post
    Can't believe it. My post is listed under eye problems. Maybe I did something wrong, Oh well.
    Anyway, the complete post is listed under this topic, date March 7.

    SEE ABOVE POST FROM ME, dated march 7

    Ok, I went to my post listed under eye problems. You will note, the posts from Catherine, Tom, and myself are there. I can't understand why??????????????

    Miss maggie