Effects of Cobalt radiation

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins in 1982 as a Sr. In College (I was a Sr. In college). after my spleen was removed I went through extended Mantle radiation with both Liniac and Cobalt therapy. Unfortunately I have had. Plethora of side effects. I have colitis, hypothyroidism, and just 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am struggling now because my cancer is in the early stage, yet the fact that I have already had radiation therapy, it is no longer an option to treat this canc...I ham being told to go right to a Bi lateral Mastectomy and chemotherapy. Anyone have any similar stories or thoughts?


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    breast cancer after hodgkins
    So sorry to hear of your recent dx. You will find others that have walked the same path on the Long-Term Effects of Treatment and/or the Long-Term Survivors message board here on Cancer Survivors Network.

    I was treated in 1989 and 1994 for HD and was dx'd w/Breast Cancer in 2008. Like you I could not have rads again. I had a bilateral mastectomy, no chemo. Glad I had a dbl mx, LCIS was detected in my "good breast". My oncotype score was an 8, so I did not do chemo that would reduce a reccurence by 2%. I had to stop tamoxifen after 2 mos for gyno problems and had a TIA a year later. Now, 3 years later, I am gettind second opinions on taking Arimidex (just had a total hysterectomy).

    I found it helpful hearing what others in our shoes did and why . Unfortunately, there are many that have been dx'd w/BC after Hodgkins. There is another clearing house to share information for long term survivors at ACOR.org. Here you will find many survivors coping w/all the Long Term effects from treatments. Do you see a Long Term Effect Specialist? They are well versed in our unique circumstances.

    Wishing you peace and calmness as you begin this new journey. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to try to help.