Clinical study on OMP-21M18, effective regardless of KRAS mutation status(plus another one on this l

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mutated or wild ......

can be found at

its second article listed now (OncoMed anti-Cancer stem Cell antibody OMP-21M18........)

Also, this date has interesting article on tumeric.......and another on an upcoming study of stage 1 and 2s involving cholesterol meds....

anotheer article, "Anti-DLL4 Inhibits Growth and Reduces Tumor-Initiating Cell Frequency in Colorectal Tumors with Oncogenic KRAS Mutations" can be read at

If you're KRAS wild or mutated, you might want to read these....


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    thanks for posting this information!!
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    Thanks, Steve!
    I have chemo fog brain at the moment so now is not a good time for me to read and expect to retain any of the info... but I'm interested in all these links you've provided... and I will read them all in great detail in a few days. But thank you for all the research and great info you come up with!

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    I just read the article on the Kras mutated or not, copied and saved it to show my oncologist. Thanks for the info and link!

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    thanks a lot!
    really appreciate your post!