Disappointed Low ANC Count

Just wondering if many others had this problem with a first treatment. I went for my first folfox treatment two weeks ago and yesterday returned for my second. Unfortunately, I was unable to receive the treatment because my ANC count was low. My white cell count was on the low side, but okay.

They didn't give me the treatment because it could futher reduce my white cell count and if my body isn't producing replacements fast enough, that could be trouble, setting me up for infections. I'm just disappointed this happend with my first treatment-- discouraging because I want to ensure these cancer cells are being killed and delays in treatment are not ideal.

I am stage IV rectal, two small nodules found and removed via VATS, scheduled for 6 chemo treatments then surgery to remove the primary. PET and MRI show all lymph nodes look okay. I just keep telling myself, the delay must be for a reason and hopefully I will feel better about it tomorrow.


  • Buzzard
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    Happens to most all of us at one time or the other during chemo.
    Its a bad man, and it takes a lot with it when it does its thing...Neupagen or Neulasta will get the WBC back up...You'll be right back on track soon, don't worry, you'll get all you want of it....buzz
  • taraHK
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    I agree with Buzz -- most of us have experienced chemo delays due to low blood counts. Just a week's rest might do the trick, if not, there are meds and other solutions.

    Discouraging -- but I was encouraged when my onc told me there is a research evidence to show that a delay of up to 3 weeks doesn't affect the efficacy of the chemo (I don't know the study -- but I trust him).

    Meanwhile, rest, eat well, and take care