Both of us have Lymphoma

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else who has Lymphoma also has a spouse with Lymphoma. My husband was 1st diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma in 1997, underwent treatment and went into remission for 2 years. Re-diagnosed in 1999, treated and went back into remission for a total of NINE years. He was diagnosed again in October of 2009. Since that time he has had 30 radiation treatments on his face, 30 in his right ear, and is now on Targretin (450mg) daily.
I was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in April 2009 due to a tumor on the saliva gland in the left side of my neck. This was surgically removed and has caused no other problem. Next came a re-diagnosed from a node in my groin. I had 6 chemo treatments and have had 4 maint. treatments. I am now considered in remission.
I would be interested to know if anyone else has been dealing with spouses who both have Lymphoma. Thanks


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    two different kinds
    MY ex and I were both diagnosed last year with cancer. He had colon and I had Lymphoma, and they thought that was unsual, for both of you to have the same kind is even more so. My PET scan showed mine to be cured, and his is in remission. Wishing you both the best, I would think this is very rare. I went to a inservice today and one of the guest said he and his sister both had Lymphoma but a different type not sure as to the exact kind. Does sound like it might have a connection in some way..Good question will be viewing the replys...