Healthier cat litter for our lungs

Hi my fellow cat lovers. My cancer has spread to my lungs, so in an attempt to try and clean up my environment, I did a couple hours of research to find a kitty litter which is dust free, and still clumps well.

I tried the "World's Best Cat Litter", but after a few days, the smell was overwhelming, even after the clumps were removed.

I then researched the wheat type litters, and found a number of reviewers who said that their boxes came with an added bonus...they were infested with pantry moths.

Finally I found a litter which produces no dust, and it clumps really well. My cats like it too, they used it right away. It is harder to find than your ordinary litter, but it is worth locating for the sake of your lungs, and to reduce the dust levels in your home. Here is a link to it below.'s+precious+cat&

Hope it helps someone.