Do something....what's the worst that can happen?

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Dr Sabittini thinks I am more pro-active and have better computer skills than a lot of his patients. He says I underestimate my ability to advocate for myself. Maybe. But if I can do it, so can the rest of you. If your computer skiils aren't all that great, recruit someone to help you.

The government website for clinical trials can be hard to navigate. Instead, try

Dr S gets 300 emails a week. Most of those are from women who are looking for a clinical trial, a second opinion.......any kind of hope. He and his staff answer them as quickly as they can, but as you can imagine, the backlog can be daunting, for them and for the women reaching out.

No one is more invested in the outcome of my treatment than I am. I do not expect my doctor to know about every trial, in every state, right off the top of his head. You shouldn't either.

If your prognosis worries you, don't just sit there; do something!



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    I agree
    If I feel a treatment isn't working I start looking at the trials or asking whats next so I have a plan in place PRIOR to getting the news the current treatment isn't working. I'm a planner by nature.