Help with my new AMS 800 AUS

Ok, I got this thing 1/11/11 and I was activated a little over a week ago. Great at first but later that day I got a burning pain in the area where the cuff is, sorta feels like putting a catheter in but not that bad. The pain came back the next day in the pm and now i have that same pain on an off all day. The first two days the pain was constant when it started now it is just off and on and lasting a minute or two. My Doc said that was not normal and to keep an eye on things and look for fever or blood in urine. So far, only just the pain that comes to visit off and on and it is not severe, maybe a "5-6" at the worst, no blood or any swelling or fever and still working great for stopping the flow. The pain is not associated with urination either.
Did any of you that have have the AMS 800 experience any pain after activation? I love this thing and now I am freeking out with worry about posible urethra erosion.


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    Can't help knotreel
    Unless a response in the negative helps you in your quest for discovery. Mine was installed last May, activated in August after RT, and has been great since. Sorry to hear you are having pain, but have no suggestions for may route did not travel that path. Hope things improve quickly as it is still early. Much trauma to the region to say the least.