Introducting myself


Hello to all. I would like to introduce myself and tell a brief story of my experience. Jan. 2010 I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. I had a tumor there and Every it was also in my lymph nodes. They where the size of golf balls in my neck. Pet scans, MRI, CT scans showed that it was confined to my neck. My ENT wanted me to do the radiation and chemo route and no surgery to remove the tumor.
So, last year I had 28 radical rad treatments with 7 treatments of chemo...Cisplacin. Had no nausea due to 3 diff nausea meds BUY like all of you 3 weeks into treatment lost ability to eat. I already had peg and port in. All in all I did pretty good. No hair loss BUT from then till now I lost weight...went from 143 to 107.
The major loss for me was taste and have excessive sticky saliva that catchs everything I eat. At the beginning of Sept. I had another node pop up under my for a needle biopsy. CT and PET scan showed tiny mass in neck and again nothing in rest of body. So, my ENT put me in hospital to remove lymph nodes..hmmmm...but wasn't there but in my paroid that was removed. Waited 2 mos. for healing and started shallow radiation on neck for tissue that might still have cells. 25 treatments...and that ended January 7th.
That's pretty much it in nutshell. Since then have had skin biopsys...eye exams and now waiting for Pet Scan to be done. The type of cancer I have/had is squamacell. Every exam seems ok but never can be sure...BUT... like all of you.. I am positive..pray alot. And now have new friends here.
To help others..I can only say that eating for me is the same as you...It's not easy. Radiation makes your throat swell and I have saliva but like mucus all the time..and sound like a frog when I talk. Truthfully. And have to drink liquids with every swallow. But, before I had the 2nd round of rad...I was getting much and will takes time. LOTS of time to heal.
I hope this helps some. And I am getting great ideas too. Trying to gain weight.....Too skinny.
Thank you for letting me tell my story and looking forward to posting and chatting with all you more.