Apology to Sonia32, Dharma Girl, and the CRC board

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Last week, Dharma Girl posted a question about protocel. A spammer replied. Sonia32 questioned the spam. I deleted the spam post and blocked the account the spammer had created.
When I deleted the spam post, I didn't notice that Sonia's reply to the spammer didn't get deleted as well. This made it look like Sonia had questioned Dharma as a spammer when she HAD NOT.

Sonia32 is completely innocent of making any accusation of Dharma. It is regretable Sonia was blamed for this. It's my sincere hope that any hard feelings on anyone's part can be put aside. Sonia was just trying to be a good "CSN citizen" in addressing true spam.

When the discussion became so contentious over the weekend, I deleted the entire thread.

A word of caution to all: PLEASE make sure to click the reply link WITHIN the post you are replying to. To reply to the original post, click the reply link within that post. If you are replying to a reply, click the link in THAT reply post, NOT the original post.

If anyone has any questions, please click the "Contact CSN" link in the top right corner of the page.

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  • PhillieG
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    Hi Greta
    You do a great job moderating this site and trying to keep the riff-raff off. It's a tough job and I know we keep you busy at times. It is unfortunate that spammers prey on people in our situation but that's part of human nature I suppose.

    I know what you mean about people's responses to posts. Sometimes they have nothing to do with the comment they are associated with and the thread turns into what seems like everyone talking at the same time. It becomes hard to sort it out.

    The posts are like a tree and comments are like branches.
    Then comments to comments are like the leaves of the branch...
  • Buckwirth
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    What you may not have noticed is that Dharma left the board due to this misunderstanding. If you have access to her email account you may want to let her know what the facts were.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  • HollyID
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    Thanks Greta... It's a tough
    Thanks Greta... It's a tough job, you have.
  • Buzzard
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    HollyID said:

    Thanks Greta... It's a tough
    Thanks Greta... It's a tough job, you have.

    I sincerely think that Dharma girl will be back in time
    thanks Greta for this post...It clears the air.....Love to you......buzz
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  • Sonia32
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    I know I thanked you in private, thanking you in public as well. You didn't have to apologise, but I appreciate the post. I'm going to leave the spammers for the oldies (ie those who have been here longer then me aka phil ;-)

    Thank you again