Promising news about Rob

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This came from Rob's daughter. I'm so glad for Rob and his family!


Dear Family and Friends, Dad's doing well. He has been moved from ICU to the spinal care centre. This is very good news. He met with a physiotherapist today and we are looking forward to the next stages of his recovery. As of right now dad is still not able to receive visitors but we will let you know when that changes. We appreciate all of the warm and loving messages and we have been passing them on to Rob. Love, Morgan


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    Thank you Gail
    for passing on this good news about Rob.

    Praying that he feels better and better each day.

    Marie who loves kitties
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    Thanks Gail
    I've been thinking of Rob, thank you for the update
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    Thanks Gail!
    Sounds like good news!
  • AnneCan said:

    Thanks Gail!
    Sounds like good news!

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    Oh so
    Oh so very glad to hear. Thank you for the update.