Emotional support for 21yr old w. upcoming occipital temporal tumor surgery

KLJ57 Member Posts: 2 *

Hello, my niece has a tumor on her occipital lobe causing seizures. She is scheduled for surgery the last week this month (July 2024) at MGH Brigham. MRI today indicates tumor has grown 1cm since MRI in April. She is a very level headed and mature person, and was ready to go forward with the surgery, but the latest MRI results have caused her to become apprehensive.

Looking for a support group or individual who has had similar surgery and might help me with understanding the process and help her deal with the natural fear and trepidation. Online or in person, would love to hear from a fellow survivor. ACS survivors helped me so much when I was diagnosed and treated with stage 3 breast cancer in the year 2000.

Thanks in advance.