Lymphedema after surgery

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I have been reading about all the side effects of incontinence and ED after RALP but not much about swelling in legs after a RALP with lymph node dissection.

My background: Age: turning 71 in Sept, My RALP Surgery scheduled mid August, nerve sparring estimated 100% one side 75% other side

Biopsy early Feb. 24, 5 Gleason 6 cores 3+3, one Gleason 7 core 3+4, and one Gleason 8 core 4+4 10% involvement. (All scores confirmed second opinion John Hopkins) Due to just one core Gleason 8 , cancer is considered Gleason 8 higher grade.

PSA Density .16, considered elevated if over .15. Prostate size 4.3x3.0x3.0, PSA Volume 21cc

PSMA Pet early March showed mild uptake 3.1 and 3.6 on each side of Prostate, nothing else showing in lymph nodes or organs.

Decipher testing early April came 60, right on border of intermediate and high. 61 would have been high so it does track towards the Gleason 8. Also in October 2023, an ExoDx Urine test came back 69, with the cutoff for likely not needing a biopsy yet 15, so another indication of a higher grade.

Surgeon says due to my small prostate surgery good choice. He said although PSMA Pet shows nothing in lymph nodes, microscopic levels don’t show and important to pull multiple nodes during surgery and send them for immediate pathology with results back during surgery.

Has anyone had experience with side effects of lymphedema after lymph node dissection during RALP.

Thanks Ned