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I  am a few days away from getting my post-surgery catheter removed.  I haven’t been able to find any good comprehensive guidance or reviews of incontinence products - diapers, pads, etc.  I was hoping to get feedback on brands that fit better, or are more leakproof, or just what to look for. Guidance on dressing and traveling with them, and things to have along with you, would be helpful too.  Doctors information not very detailed.  I have searched here, but info is very piecemeal. Thank you


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    After my catheter was pulled I used Depends pads for heavy leakage, worked good for me. I would think the adult male diaper would maybe work a little better. In my use the light pads are only good for a drip now and then. Some folks use the diaper with a pad inside for extra insurance. The pads are designed to be used with tighty whitys(briefs). I would suppose the adult diapers could be worn with boxers or just stand alone. Always take extra when your traveling……….

    Dave 3+4

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    Depend Real-Fit pull-ups fit the best but cost the most. They provide peace of mind but were overkill. Generic pads for men (equivalent to Depends Guards) are a good bet. Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, etc. all have their own flavor. They are cheap and available in bulk. As Dave stated above, they work best in mid-rise briefs.

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    I never wore pull-ups. I started with men's pads after the catheter was removed. These are readily available in different sizes. My leakage improved to the stage that I almost became dry, but things deteriorated a few years later. I also experimented with women's incontinence pads after that. The main reason I did this is because the men's ones, being triangle shaped but shorter in length, pulled away from my body the heavier they got if my undies were a bit loose, and things sometimes got messy. Leakage from the narrow end into my undies became an issue too - the contained urine would run that way even if the pad wasn't full. Women's pads, as long as they are wide enough to cater for natural movement, are longer and also often feature side gathers. They seemed to contain leakage better and also cater for the natural tendency for the penis to dangle.

    Try a men's triangle shaped pad to start with until you determine how much ongoing leakage you have, but don't be scared to use women's pads as well.

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    this is what i been going thru been using the triangular shaped thick pads what I did notice, though I had to buy new underwear that was fairly tight loose underwear won’t work the pad will slide and your penis will fall out not good you will leak all over the place new underwear worked better but still wood leak then I decided to start wearing the depends underwear with a pad inside of it and then my underwear on the outside that seems to work very well. Haven’t had any really issues with leaking outside of that.

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    Thanks guys. This is really helpful.

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    I recommend going with full Depends that you can buy in your local grocery store. IMO, there is NO stigma associated with wearing Depends, and if you believe so, please just get over it. You want to be protected as well as possible, until your body fully heals, and you determine where you are regarding continence. You don't want to be a guest at a friends house and have your urine leak out and onto their furniture (I speak from experience, and that IS a stigma to be avoided).

    Also Depends is the only underwear with a built-in odor eliminator, so that you do not smell of urine.

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    If you're a veteran who has VA Health Care, let them know. They'll supply your "diapers" at no cost. I'd be broke by now if that weren't the case. Good luck. Oh, and I use Depends. The VA initially sent me some cheapo brand but finally got around to sending the Depends. Good luck.

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    I used the Depends pull ups. I filled a many of them up for about 4 months and by the 6th month I was continent. I did transition somewhere during that time frame from Depends; pads; thin pads, and then no protection at all. It is my understanding that your internal urinary sphincter gets dissected during surgery. So, all you have left is an external urinary sphincter. I did my kegels and I also practiced stopping and controlling the flow. I do not believe the Depends ever let me down, so to speak. As most of us, you will learn how to deal with these issues, as strange as they maybe. Another thing about incontinence, make sure you empty your bladder before sex. Not all of us, but some of us will experience urine leakage during orgasm. Be sure to give your body time to heal. The real prize is an undetectable PSA for many years to come. And that your Quality of Life sustained a bump in the road that you can overcome. If all of this sounds a little blunt, my apologies, but I have no other way of saying it and I am not too sure you can sugar coat it. Good luck on your journey.

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    All these responses have been helpful. I've been wearing the underwear for 5 days now, and am adjusting ( and improving). I've tried three different brands: Depends, Tena and Composure, and I was hoping there was a consensus on what brand was best - most reliable, comfort, fit, etc. There's a lot of choices, and I thought reviews from users would be the best guidance

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    Hi Marlon,

    My experience regarding incontinence is not that long (6 months) but I have been using a simple urethral control device (an oval shape clip or a rounded pacey cuff) together with diapers. They are not perfect but you can try these sort of devices too if your incontinence is more than dribblings.

    Hopefully you will have a good response on the elimination of the bandit.

    Best wishes


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    I tried the Depends pads, and the briefs. I finally settled on the pads because I find them easy to change out. I can change a pad without having to pull my legs out or take my shoes off. I carry an extra pair of briefs in a plastic sip up baggie. I wear black shorts (it's summer). I carry what I need in one of those shoulder sling bags. The few times I've had to change underwear, I can get everything off without taking off my shoes, and put new briefs and pad on, and I'm good to go. I have not had to change shorts yet while out, but just in case, I carry an extra pair of shorts in my car. I started at 6-7 pads per day, and I'm now down to about 2 (a few times 1). I'm 3 months past surgery. I think it helps not to have coffee in the afternoon, and to do those exercises. For me, it is harder in the late afternoon because the muscles get tired. So I'm trying to make sure I do Kegels in the afternoon as well as in the morning. I'm also trying to keep exercising and other high movement activities for early in the day. I hope this helps. JR