Newbie with ER+ Her2+ IDC and DCI

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I was diagnosed over a month ago with DCI and IDC. I am ER+ and HER2+. I just had a lumpectomy with sentinal node removal 5 days ago. None of my previous tests showed any lymph node involvement, but pathology will tell. I am to follow up with surgeon this Friday. My question?? I do not have a medical oncologist yet. Surgeons office said they would make referrals on my friday appt. Is this normal? Surgeon said I will have chemo and radiation and directed therapy. If you are similar to me, which did you have first? Does it matter? Can you have them at the same time? Thanks!!


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    Usually radiation follows surgery, especially for a lumpectomy. This will then be followed by chemo/and/or hormone medications. Did you get an ONCO score to tell you the risks of recurrence if you don't do certain treatments? This is usually done for hormone positive type breast cancers. Personally, depending on which chemo drug they use, I would have the radiation treatments separated from the chemo treatments due to possible chemo side effects.

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    Radiation running concurrently with chemo makes the rads stronger . Also lessens the chance of any thing escaping.

    I had surgery on lymph nodes after, basically because I'm not a wait and see person. If there a chance it's there, cut it out!

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    Thank you! I'm assuming I get the Onco score when pathology comes back. Appointment cancelled today because it isn't back, so wait till 7/9