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I’m newly diagnosed with a brain tumor. I don’t know what to expect and the idea of surgery is terrifying to me. How do I get the neurosurgeon on my case to slow down and walk me through it? Why is my doctor so impatient with my questions? How do I ask about decision making…if/when it comes time to make those calls?

I’m an orphan and unmarried - what are my options for POA? I don’t even know how to bring up these topics with a doctor, the idea of trying to tell the people who know me is even scarier…


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    It's crucial to have a dedicated appointment where you can ask your neurosurgeon to explain everything in detail. Don't hesitate to request more time and ask all your questions—it's their job to ensure you understand and feel comfortable.

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    Hi, I know its scary and daunting and there is so much new information to learn and decisions to make.

    One of the most helpful people to start with may be the social worker or discharge planner at the hospital where you will have surgery. Another helpful person would be the nurse practitioner who works with the surgeon or another nurse who is in that department. Depending on the state you live in there should be assistance from the city or state for elderly or other vulnerable adults.

    Here in California there are both public and private groups that can help you through the process and many other states have similar programs. Adult Protective Services, Division on Aging, the Public Guardian or Public Administrator in your county, will all have access to different types of services that may help you. If you need an attorney to help you there is Legal Services for Seniors. You dont have to be a "Senior" to get information from these resources. Your local YMCA or Senior Center or local places of worship may also have help for you. Its alot to take on alone, and there are caring strangers who are vetted, capable and willing to help.