Post radical prostatectomy sex.

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Six weeks ago, I had a radical prostatectomy due to prostate cancer. After my resent doctor's appointment (over the phone) he gave me the green light to have sex. My question is, what will it be like? Will having an orgasm be painful? Will getting and maintaining an erection be a problem? What consideration should I bestow upon my partner as we both explore something that is new to the both of us? Before the prostatectomy, I loved giving and receiving oral sex, is this still possible? Please I would appreciate any feedback on these questions and anything that I may have overlooked concerning this topic.


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    Most of these questions you can answer yourself. How continent are you? Some people leak with orgasm so, you might want to know that before hand. Otherwise, if things are working, it can be like before with less mess. If you have ED, depends on how bad it is. Viagra may be in order. For some that isn't enough.

    I didn't have any pain or leakage.

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    You will find out when you have sex what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be surprised if you have no erection at all for a while, it could take months. Folks here have reported weeks to months to never, everyone is different. Good luck exploring……..

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    I haven't had it yet, but my doctor told me that since the prostate makes the majority of fluid, orgasms would be mostly dry. But you can still have them as sex is mostly in your head. But don't be afraid of needing viagra or cialis.

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    why sont you find out for yourself and report back .. seems like you’re more worried about sex than you are if the cancer is gone

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