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I decided to start a new thread. I finally have some answers on treatment plan. cT3a, cN1, cM0, PSA: 29, Grade Group: 5 is the staging. It also says stage 4a. So, i take it these numbers are not good but it is regional. Pelvic lymph node involved. We are doing brachytherapy followed by 5 weeks of external beam radiation. Surgery for implants is July 29th. I seem to be handling orgovyx relatively well for 3 weeks. Still working with insurance on approval for it and zytiga too. Radiation oncologist and my urologist are both MD Anderson certified. Brachytherapy and external beam radiation are both at MD Anderson cancer center in Indianapolis. If anyone has any advice on how they handled these procedures and the stage I am at and are still around, please chime in. I am pretty scares right now. 52 years old with a 15 year old daughter. But I am not sure what to expect the next few years to look like.


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    Sounds like you have a good plan moving forward, play out the plan and hope for great results. Even if the seeds don’t do their job you still have several options for the future. No one knows what the future holds for them, cancer or otherwise. Hopefully everything will work out.

    Dave 3+4

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    I agree with the previous post. Triple therapy (two kinds of radiation + double ADT ) is the way to go for a serious case such as yours.

    Exercise will help significantly with overcoming the (side) effects of hormone therapy (and radiation).

    Keep up the good work!

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    I'm 71 with Gleason 4+3 and negative PSMA scan. I started Lupron last November and had HD brachy the week before Thanksgiving. Sixteen IMRT sessions in December. No urinary issues, but the radiation irritated my bowels (oncologist had inserted barrigel). The first month was pretty rough (diarrhea, extreme urgency, etc.). It's calmed down and I'm adapting to a "new normal". My first 3 months on Lupron were ok, but I stopped after 6 months. Too much fatigue. I did a lot of research prior to selecting treatment. Everything has tradeoffs, but I'm happy I chose this path.