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4 year ago my husbands PSA started to go up..He's 69..From June of 2020 to November it went from7.6 to 11.3..Dr didn't order a biopsy. Finally in 2023 they did a biopsy..said there was no cancer. Recently his PSA hit 15.8. My husband was having trouble urinating and up all night. He asked his Dr about having an Aquablation to make the prostate smaller. He had that last week. They found cancer..Acinar adenocarcinoma…Gleason 3+4 and 30% of the prostate is involved. His Dr said the cancer was growing inside the prostate and they never would have found it without the Aquablation...He has COPD, Peripheral artery disease, arteriosclerosis. In the last year he has lost almost 40 lbs. Weighs 102 lbs. I am so afraid they waited too long to do will he ever be able to go through Radiation or Chemo, or major surgery in the condition he's in..Am I wrong to want to blame his Urologist for letting it go on??


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    You are not wrong, of course. What happened is very unfortunate, actually. Many on this forum will suggest to find a new urologist; I hope that's possible.

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    First and foremost, I suggest that your husband find a new doctor, in this case, I'm assuming that the doctor is a Urologist. With the limited information that you have given so far, the medical professional should have taken the lead on further investigation, and not your husband. Just my non-medical 2 cents worth.

    I know your feeling, as my PCP watched my PSA grow for 5 years, before recommending that I see a Urologist. By then, the cancer had escaped my prostate.

    Your husband does have a lot of good options going forward, but first, he needs to find a medical professional that is proactive with your husband's best interests as the first priority.

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    Have to agree with the above survivors, time to get a new Urologist and possibly a new health network. Need to find out if the cancer has escaped the Prostate or not, MRI and PMSA PET scans are good for that. Once you find out the location of the cancer you can decide treatment options. If your husband is in a fragile condition then radiation might be a better bet. A lot of survivors here have multiple medical problems so I would not be too concerned. Good luck……

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    definitely find a new dr ..go to a major institution or university near by ..look them up see thier bios ..dontbfeel bad we’re supposed to trust our doctors. I had a very bad urologist in the beginning. I thought he was good. He did two biopsies found nothing no MRI anything like that finally after wants to do a third biopsy I went to a major university you probably heard of it called Stanford, they did everything the right way and they cancer thank God they still found it early. Definitely you need to go somewhere else. Hopefully it’s not too late to have surgery to remove the whole thing. I was strung along from age 50 to 57; others have said need to have a PSA scan done and a MRI good luck

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    Did he have an MRI before the biopsy, and did it find anything?