Husband has Prostate cancer and other symptoms

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Hi all. My husband was diagnosed with PC two years ago with a gleason score 6 and PSA of 4.6. He is on active survelliance. He's only had 1 bisopsy done blind, no MRI. Could his cancer have metastasized with these numbers? His PSA is now at 5.7 and the Dr's aren't worried. But he's lost 25 pounds in the last 6 months, has night sweats and intense shoulder pain. Extreme fatigue has just set in the last few weeks. His Dr. keeps saying he's fine but I don't agree. Otherwise healthy 57 year old. Thoughts?


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    Usually 3+3 do not grow aggressive over time but there are no 100% on mild cancers staying mild. If you can talk your Urologist into it I would get a PMSA PET scan looking to see if the cancer has spread to other areas of his body. At a minimum I would get a MRI with sensitive radioactive tracer chemicals for Prostate cancer. From what I know the night sweats don’t seem typical of metastatic cancer. Some of his symptoms could come from other conditions he has or is developing. I know my shoulder hurts from rotator cuff issues which did effect my sleep(fatigue?).
    Good luck…….

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    I would think at 57, with a rising 5.7 PSA and already known 3+3 Gleason, I would be requesting an MRI at minimum. If any suspicious lesions are found, then another biopsy. Only this time a targeted fusion biopsy. I think a second opinion from a reputable cancer institution is in order. His symptoms might be unrelated, but if it were me, I'd want to find out if there may be more aggressive Pca present and at what stage. Losing 25lbs is a lot if he's not trying to? If more aggressive Pca is found, PSMA PET scan is best technology to see where it is.

    Just my humble non professional opinion

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    He's got something going on. The weight loss was not intentional and the fatigue is really unusual for him. Could be something different going on but I just worry that the biopsy could have missed some cancer. Thank you both for the advice. I'd at least like to advocate for an MRI.

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    I’m guessing that something other than PCa is going on. Your reported symptoms don’t sound like PCa. Maybe time to see a regular doc.

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    I started out at the doctor's office for a DOT physical. I complained about peeing all the time and not much volume he said you have an enlarged prostate you're 69 years old. He said do you want to get a PSA I said yes my last one was 2 years ago and it was 1.2 in October of 2023 my PSA report came back at a 3.4 at that point I felt I had a problem because all previous PSAs were below 1.2 it was the rise to 3.4 that Drew my attention. So I started out to see a specialist at the University of Penn but couldn't get an appointment till the end of February my brother had dealt with Cleveland Clinic and I was heading to Florida he said see if you can get an appointment there. I got an appointment for the middle of December he did a prostate exam felt something and said I need a biopsy you can only feel one side of the prostate. Biopsy came back I was a Gleason 7 he said I could do radiation for prostate removal I chose removal and at that time they did another PSA test it was up to 4.3 in just a month and a half at that point in Cleveland Clinic Florida I did a bone scan a CT scan. Made an appointment with Dr Stein in Cleveland Clinic to remove the prostate he needed a MRI before I visited him when I saw him he looked at the MRI but also wanted a PET scan. Had started Buy glutamide after the Pet Scan to lower testosterone which prostate cancer lives on. The pet scan showed a spot on my sternum and the prostate I had the prostate removed on May 16th robotically. A week later I had the Catherine removed. At this point I have no control hoping that will come back and I am now waiting for another PSA test and another PET scan to see where I stand. I will most likely start hormone therapy any advice from this point on would be appreciated.

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    i think you need to switch doctors .go to a major university. Some thing terribley wrong probably not PC don’t mean to frighten you but night sweats and fatigue. And major weight loss It’s just not good sometimes I just hate doctors and put your trust in them like my first urologist . I put my trust in him because all my other doctors are fantastic and he happened to be the worst two biopsies no MRI nothing..good luck..