Waiting for scan results

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I was sent to get a brain CT w/ and w/o contrast. There were many white spots on the pictures w/o Con. But then on the contrast pictures, there were several new spots that appeared . Is there any reason other than tumors that new spots would light up with the contrast? It’s been 6 days and I’m panicking at this point because I haven’t received any news from the radiologist.

I didn’t anticipate anything to show up on the scans, let alone an entire colony. 😥. I haven’t even told my family yet because I don’t have any official results.


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    Dear Survivor,

    I am so sorry for your news and hope that by now you have an oncologist (cancer specialist). If you live near a Moffitt Cancer Center, they may assist you with care and some financial assistance. My husband has been diagnosed with glioblastoma and is being treated at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. My prayers are for you tonight as I finish the day.


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    Thank you, Smooth.

    No, I have no news. My brain scan was Tuesday morning. The pictures posted to my a that imaging afternoon. I had a dr appt on Friday for another issue, and she checked at the time and there was still no report from the radiologist that she could see.

    But I can see that the pictures without contrast showed at least 7 different white lesions (I have had bad migraines for years. Maybe some are connected?) When contrast was applied, at least 15 circles lit up, including some areas in the brain that didn’t show up without contrast, and areas on my skin underneath my hair that I can’t see any issue on. This is why I wondered if contrast lit areas could possibly mean anything other than cancer. It’s not been a great thing staring at these pictures for a week worrying about how bad this looks. I had gone into a new dr because I had wanted (what I thought) was an osteoma or forehead cyst removed, and had told her about my daily headaches. I had not even considered there would be anything on the scans when I went in for the CT. (After my bloodwork in March, she told me the headaches were from my anemia, and they should resolve once I got my iron up)

    I live on the other coast, and closest to UCSD. I wish there was a policy if even a single spot lit up with contrast, the report would be rushed. Because now I feel, that if all these are cancer spots, it wasn’t rushed because they feel I am too far gone for an oncologist to help.

    I’m a mom of 4 kids. Since ‘22, the anemia had been attributed to small fibroids, not uncommon for midlife women. I’d like to lose 30 pounds or so but otherwise I am relatively healthy. (Or at least I thought. 😭 ) Three months ago I would never guess I would be posting on here.

    I can’t fix the top line sentence. It is suppose to read the pictures posted to my imaging account that afternoon. I have seen the pictures, but the dr has not.

    I will pray for your husband.

    It’s Just Me 💜