Port placement issues

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today, they were going to put a port on the left side, but after 3 incisions said the catheter was too short?! WHAT? How is it too short? They put the port on the right. The left side of my neck is really hurting and swollen. I know it will be tender because they were in there, but the swelling has me concerned.
of course the port on the right hurts, but not nearly as bad as the left side. Is this normal?


  • RocDocVic
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    They usually put it in the opposite side in which Breast Cancer is found because of possible surgery. I've never heard of not doing it because of short line. Someone screwed up in my opinion. You shouldn't have to be in double pain. Get a copy of all pre and post surgery notes. Demand to know exact reason for change. Then tell them you should be compensated for pain and suffering.