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My mom was diagnosed of ovarian cancer , we need help. Doctors in Summerlin hospital keep saying she is dying- we feel like it’s not right and humane. Please help us she is fighting, she is in icu right now. Her CA 125 is 1400 . We only went there to drain her asceitis from then on she got weak. She does her chemo at ucla but c/m she live in Vegas. We need help…


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    ah jcullins, I am sorry. I would hope no one is saying it like that but nothing should surprise us anymore.

    It sounds like she has a lot going on between her CA count and draining of ascites. I would suggest staying with your mom as much as you can, making her comfortable and chatting with her.

    Hugs dear

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    Some bedside manner needed there. That's a pretty tough message to hear. This is a difficult beast - and your mom is doing her best to fight back. First line treatment is of course, chemo and surgery, which I assume she's had already. The monster has a good likelihood of coming back, that's the thing. Be with her, stay with her, comfort her. I'm in her shoes. It's a tough fight, she needs a good medical team helping her make decisions about the path forward. Best to you both—huge hugs.