Cervical Cancer and Fatigue


I was diagnosed in April with cervical cancer. I've noticed that I get tried easily and now the past few days my body hurts. Today (5/9) I woke up and my whole body hurts. I'm normally very active and always on the go. I decided to run some errands yesterday and mow my front yard. I felt good till the afternoon when I started to cramp. Today, is bad. It hurts to move around or even relaxing in bed. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do to help with the pain?


  • NoTimeForCancer
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    SmallTownGirlOV, I am not sure what kind of treatment you might have had. Diagnosis only does not usually give such fatigue so I will add, if you have had any treatment or even surgery, be kind to yourself. You are putting your body through a lot. Maybe reach out to the doctors office, let them know, and see if they have any suggestions for help.

    Hugs dear

  • MacabreMama
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    Fatigue is sadly the one thing that will always be present. I am almost 3 years NED, and to this day I still get exhausted by the smallest things. Listen to your body, Don't over do it.