Vulvar Cancer 2024


my mother who I care for underwent reconstructive surgery for this type of cancer and would like to know if anyone can relate and we can connect and my mother can connect with someone who has suffered the same change she has please reach out [Edited by CSN Support Team]


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    Yes I can relate. I had a labiaplasty reconstruction for my first vulvectomy. That was 14 years ago, but I know exactly how alone your mother feels. I don't know how old your mother is. I'm lot younger than most women who go through this. I was 32 with a new born the first time. Just had my 3rd vulvectomy in January at 46. I would be thrilled to speak with another woman with a similar experience. There are not many resources to help us so it's really hard. [Content removed by CSN Support Team.]. email me and I will send you my phone number