Financial Relief?

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Hi all. In short, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2018. I am insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan through my workplace. ($3,000 deductible and 6 to $7,000 max out-of-pocket. My biggest struggle is financial. Since my diagnosis (2018) I have incurred co-pays for treatment that reach Maximum out-of-pocket limits every year. I'm able to rollover these charges to a interest free payment company but each year I fall short of paying off the MOOP and the balance continues to grow. My current balance is $9,000 and still growing as I have not reached MOOP for 2024 yet. My minimum monthly payment is $220 but I try to pay anywhere from $220 to $400/month Can anyone direct me to a source that can possibly relieve some of this financial burden. Thanks so much.