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Hello all, I had my 1st year post colon cancer. The gastrologist took a biopsy of the surgical site, but said he didn't expect to have any bad results indicating to me it was a routine thing he did. There were no polyps and the resection surgery I had done a year ago healed nicely his words. Is it routine to have a biopsy done that first year colonoscopy?


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    Update. Everything came back negative. The biopsy was for colitis I found out. So now I move forward to the next CT scan scheduled in July 6 month marker from last one.

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    It is my understanding that biopsies are routinely done under these circumstances. They want to be as sure as possible that your cancer isn't returning

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    just had my surgery week ago.

    for stage 1.And yes I will need colonoscopy every year for the next 5 years. Preventive measures.