New PET scan

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I had lung cancer in 2020. I had a lobe removed and have been cancer free since. I have never looked at my PET scan results before but just waited to discuss with oncologist. Had a scan on Thursday and did look online it does recommend a biopsy on left lung now but talked about blood pooling and suv max. Never heard of before. Can anyone provide any insight?


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    SUV stands for standardized uptake value. It's now much of the fluorodeoxyglucose GDG is metabolized . The more metabolically active a tissue is the more of the radioactive fdg is taken into the cell. Values can be suspicious for malignancy but are by far from the most accurate means. I regularly, read always, have SUV values as high as 6 on skin lesions. These are acne. SUV max is the maximum value the area of interest has

    Blood pool is what they're basing the uptake against or the liver but doesn't mean much to a patient. Usually you'll read not Great than blood pool.