Krukenberg tumor

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Hi all - Last year, I (57) was dx'd with a Krukenberg tumor in my colon that had metastasized to an ovary, omentum and lymph nodes. Had hysterectomy, appendectomy and removal of 90 lymph nodes (only two were malignant). Three months later had CRS/HIPEC bowel resection. Did three months of natural methods which worked until it didn't and now I'm on FOLFOX. I did two rounds of FOLFIRI but had an anaphylactic reaction to the irinotecan so was switched. I'm still on the steroid high so I don't know what awaits me the next week but I do know that coffee enemas have kept my pelvic and rectal pain at bay.

I know they say not to google but I really want to find other Krukkies who live a normal lifespan. It's so depressing reading prognosis rates! I am doing lots of alternative stuff in addition to chemo, including trauma release, which I have read can sow the seeds for cancer starting in childhood. I hope the people who posted about Krukenberg tumors years ago are still alive and on this forum. If you are a Krukkie, do say hi!