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Hello good night, I want to share the joy that my husband no longer has Cancer, after 37 radiations and 3 chemotherapies he was discharged, he still has a gastric tube because it was in the throat but here we go [Content removed by CSN Support Staff]


  • goffrey
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    Great news!!! So happy for you and your husband. Now he can focus on healing. Usually the first 2 weeks after radiation ends the symptoms tend to get worse then you will see them slowly getting better!

  • ali90h7
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    Great news, I'm happy for you.
    Please can you provide me with information about his swallowing problems?
    When did difficulty swallowing start?
    Does he swallow now or not?

  • Totorita
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    Hello, how were 37 radiations for 9 months? He couldn't eat, so something happened to him and the food leaks into the lungs, the ENT already saw it, they did a full exam and scheduled some therapies.