Did your nodules hurt?

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Id be really grateful for thoughts on this please. I'm awaiting surgery on a nodule that's suspicious for follicular cancer but obviously as we know, they can't be certain until its taken out. What i want to know is, has anyone had a painful nodule that can be really sore consistently (8 months now), radiating up behind their ear and giving you a sore throat and it still come back as benign after surgery?

Or does pain usually mean cancer?


  • big G
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    I had no symptoms. The only way mine were found was my TSH started rising in my Labs. My endo ordered an Ultra sound and discovered them.

  • Miles' mom
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    My neck is always sore. My shoulder has been misaligned and always hurts too.

    This is after 3 surgeries though. For PTC. As for before? No--I don't recall any suspicious pain.

    I don't think pain always equals cancer. But ask your team of doctors. Go to your appts loaded with your questions, no matter how silly/insignificant you think they are. First of all they are neither. And second, a good doctor will patiently listen to and answer all of them.

    Good luck :}