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After initial diagnosis my doctor recommended CyberKnife (SBRT). Prior to treatment my last PSA was 6.7. It is now 10 weeks after treatment and my PSA has dropped to 2.1. The radiologist had sketched out a graph of PSA gradually dropping after treatment so I didn't expect it to immediately drop down to 0.0 but wondered what others experience was after treatment.

BTW. Only had some very minor side effects and got myself off of flomax within 3 weeks of treatment.


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    Cyberknife does not kill the whole Prostate gland, just the cancerous tissue and a small margin around it. Your PSA will stabilize at some number in the future and hopefully stay there. Your Prostate will still produce a certain amount of PSA from the remaining live tissue.

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    That is correct. Your PSA test results will vary over time and you may see a bounce at some point. One hopes that your PSA will stay below nadir + 2. Future tests will show what your nadir will be.

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    Took Me three long years to drop from 7.0 down to 0.9 now it’s back up to 2.1 and I am scheduled to have surgery in a week