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So I think I’m gonna have to get my port removed but not because the cancer has ended…(it’s just stable for now) I had to have portagram this morning and when they tried to flush with saline, I got hit with a pocket of air in my neck it felt like a horse kicked me! And they were only able to get 1ml in! So I go in for the x ray and they were only able to put in 6 ml of contrast in and it was VERY painful!! Catheter isn’t functioning properly and the contrast was leaking through all my tissues and such in my neck. Very painful! Anyway, any advice on how to prep for this procedure? I sweat bullets at the thought of needles.


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    I think having mine put in was the worst pain I've had in a long time. Not fun. I have gone through 6 chemo treatments, now cancer free, and want it out too. I have a feeling the doc will want to see another clean scan in a month first, though.

    Mine is in my chest, I can't imagine how it feels in the neck.

    Good luck on the procedure, hopefully you have / can get some good pain meds or use natural pain relief such as from cannabis. ( I used RSO before my first treatment, it worked wonders for me!)