“Positive” Esoguard Test

Charissa Member Posts: 129 Member

After six months of swallowing becoming more difficult, I had an Esoguard test done January 31, 2024.

On February 13, I got the call it came back positive for Barrett’s Disease and/or adenocarcinoma esophageal cancer. It doesn’t specify which one.

My PCP gave me a referral to a GI doctor, but most are booked out until July. In the meantime, the tightness in my chest is non-stop, with food becoming more difficult, by the day, to swallow. it’s becoming painful, as it tries to move to my stomach.

I can’t swallow pills, as they get stuck. I’ve resorted to opening the powdered pills and putting them in a smoothie. This seems to work.

Never seeing a GI doctor before, nor ever having an upper GI test, I’m not sure what symptoms are related to the esophageal cancer or something else (ie, stricture).

Everything I’ve read about Barrett’s Disease, says there aren’t any symptoms.

I’m contemplating going to the emergency to have all the tests done there - sooner than later. Reason being…I had this same cancer (adenocarcinoma) in my uterus 7 years ago. With this particular cancer being extremely aggressive, there’s not much time to wait.

It would be greatly appreciated if those here, could give me information on symptoms you experienced, so I know how to proceed. I’m hoping it’s simply Barrett's Disease, with a stricture.

Thank you, kindly, for any information you can share.