4 years…NED!

Lynn_65 Member Posts: 63 Member

Yesterday was my annual CT scan 4 years after my partial nephrectomy on Feb. 20, 2020, and there was no evidence of recurrence or metastatic disease! I am beyond thankful to God.

Posting this as an encouragement for those who are new to their kidney cancer journey...there is always hope!


  • Scott1956
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    Congratulations on this great news. It is indeed an encouragement to me as I head to an early April nephrectomy of right kidney and ureter.. I’m staying upbeat about this “opportunity “ and hearing great results like yours after 4 years helps. Thanks.

  • Allochka
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    Fantastic !!! Congratulations on Uncle NED visit!

  • Mmoses25
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    Congratulations. I got my gour year scan next month