i am 34 gay male who is curently fighting stage 3 intestinal cancer

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My name is Manuel [content removed by CSN Support Team]  I am writing to you in a time of urgent need. I am currently facing a critical situation as I have been battling cancer for the past three years. Unfortunately, my journey to recovery is hindered by the lack of stable housing.I have diligently applied for all available local resources, but I find myself in a challenging position as everything is either full or waitlisted. This predicament has left me unable to start my treatment until I secure a stable living situation. I am reaching out to you in the hope that you may be able to offer assistance or guidance in navigating this difficult circumstance.Living in California, and the support systems are strained. I am determined to continue my fight against cancer, but without a stable home, I am unable to commence the necessary treatment. It is disheartening to share that going back to my parents' home is not an option, as they do not accept my lifestyle choice of being gay.I am genuinely seeking any available resources, advice, or support you may provide to help me secure stable housing. Your assistance will not only contribute to my physical well-being but also greatly impact my mental and emotional resilience during this challenging time.Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I am hopeful that your compassion and understanding will guide me toward the support I urgently need. Please feel free to contact me [content removed by CSN Support Team] to discuss this matter further. 

Thank you Manuel