Incidental kidney cyst

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Hi, my GI doctor ordered a CT scan with barium and iodine contrast because I was constipated. There was nothing abnormal except they found a possible 1.3cm lesion on my right kidney. It said it was "subtle" and possibly solid. It sounds like the imagery wasn't great for some reason. The radiologist report recommended an MRI with and without contrast.

I'm kind of nervous about an MRI because of the dye.

I had an ultrasound done and they didn't find anything wrong with both of my kidneys as well as my bladder. So, I'm not sure if I should still get the MRI?

I tried to make an appointment with a urologist but they wouldn't let me because they looked up my CT scan in MyChart and they said it didn't show any tumors. They said I need either an ultrasound or an MRI with actual findings in order to schedule an initial appointment.

Do you think I should get the MRI? I'm just nervous about side effects from the MRI. Otherwise I wouldn't mind doing it.




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    Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm 44 years old. I've had several blood tests (liver, CBC, thyroid, urine, etc) and they're all normal.

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    hi John 523 i have kidney cancer had my left kidney removed 2 years ago today now i get a ct scan done every 3 mounths with the dye and havnt had any issues with the dye i think you should get it checked out

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    MRI has the highest resolution. I’d get the MRI as long as it’s approved by insurance. If there’s something there your outcomes will be much better catching it early vs late.